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Assistant Superintendent


 Dr. Randy Zangara                                                                                                86 Administration Drive                                                                                     Mill Hall, PA  17751                                                                                          (570) 893-4900                                                   


Teresa Carlson                      KCSD Safety and Compliance Liaison 
86 Administration Drive 
Mill Hall, PA  17751
(570) 893-4900   x2310             





The Office of the Assistant Superintendent oversees:

  • District safety and compliance
  • Human resources
  • School level administrators

Dr. Randy Zangara is in his first year as Assistant Superintendent.  Dr. Z has been fortunate, throughout his career, to have had the opportunities to work within multiple positions in industry, K-12 education, and the post-secondary world.  His professional and personal life experiences have afforded him opportunities to see the world through a variety of lenses and to engage with a variety of people to gain a greater understanding of what is needed for a school community to succeed.  Dr. Z prides himself in building relationships with students, parents, and community members, while at the same time working collaboratively with fellow administrators, faculty and staff to foster a productive and enjoyable working environment. 

  • Dr. Z's priorities: 
    • Support the Superintendent and enforce the policies and regulations  as set by the School Board.                                                      
    • Listen and Learn.                                                                        
    • School Community Safety.                                                  
    • Effective and Streamlined Human Resources System.       
    • School Community Relationship.                                           
    • Clear and Continuous Communication.                               
    • High Visibility Leadership. 

"I am truly honored to be your new Assistant Superintendent.  Keystone Central School District is filled with great students, engaged families, supportive community leaders, proactive school board members, industry partners, and of course the highest of quality educators, support personnel, and administrators.  

As your Assistant Superintendent, I am committed to working with the whole school community to create a safe and collaborative environment.  An environment where we collectively work together to prepare our students for current and future workforce and community needs."  

 - Dr. Z