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Our District

Keystone Camp Summer 2023

Keystone Central School District incorporated in 1970 from four jointures: Bucktail/Renovo Jointure, Lock Haven Jointure, Bald Eagle Nittany Jointure and Sugar Valley Jointure.

Keystone Central has in-person learning at two high schools, two middle schools and five elementary schools.


For students interested in career and technology areas, we have our own Career and Technology Center housed at Central Mountain High School.  We also host our own Virtual Academy for families that prefer or require on-line learning.


Vision Statement

Preparing citizens for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Shared Values

  1. Equitable access to rigorous curriculum and effective instruction.
  2. Critical thinking and solution-focused learners.
  3. A safe, healthy, and inclusive culture.
  4. High expectations and support for all.
  5. Engaged and empowered community and families.
  6. Policies and procedures that promote learning and leadership.

Mission Statement

We are committed to developing life-long learners who are adaptable, resilient, productive, and of high moral character.