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Adult & Community Education


The Keystone Central School District is pleased to be able to offer its facilities and instructors to help meet the educational needs of the community. We offer a wide variety of lifelong learning opportunities designed for personal enrichment, job retraining, or skill enhancement. Please check back often as these educational opportunities are changing and expanding. 

Evening Classes: Evening classes will be offered several times a year in a variety of areas. Some of the classes being planned include: Fitness and Nutrition, French Culture and Language, Fly Tying, Google Suite, Intro to Auto Cad, Personal Finance, Can-Do-Crafty Cards, Conversational Spanish, Landscape Maintenance, Homeowner 101, Cooking with Chicken, ServSafe Food Handler Certification, and Vehicle Safety Inspection. Most classes are held at Central Mountain High School on Tuesday or Thursday nights from 6 to 8 pm. Cost for most classes is $99. For an updated schedule, call the Adult Education Office at (570) 893-4900 x 4331 or email

Student Summer Program: In addition to adult programs, we are pleased to announce a summer program for students in grades K-8 is in the works. This program will include activities which will enhance creativity as well as expand the problem solving skills of students. Currently planned for 5 weeks starting in June, some of the offerings include; Lego Masters, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Kids in the Kitchen, Secret Agent School, Engineering Exploration, and Silly Summer Science. More information on this program will be coming soon.

Highly Qualified training to meet Title 1 Requirements

KCSD is offering online courses to prepare for the Title 1 compliant assessments. Each of the self-paced 13 courses takes about 45 to 60 minutes to complete and include a short assessment test and completion certification. After completion you will be able to take the practice assessments and the two Title 1 compliant assessments. The cost is $85 which includes the 13 courses, practice assessments and the two Title 1 compliant assessments. For more information email or call the ACE office at 570-893-4900 x 4331.

The courses include:

Supporting Instruction,
• Title 1 Reading
• Title 1 Writing
• Title 1 Mathematics
Reading Skills
• Title 1 Narrative Texts
• Title 1 Informative Texts
• Title 1 Decoding Language & Utilizing Layout
Writing Skills
• Title 1 Parts of Speech & Effective Sentences
• Title 1 Mechanics of Writing
Mathematics Skills
• Title 1 Understanding the Basic Skills
• Title 1 Fractions, Decimals, & Percentages
• Title 1 Basic Algebra • Title 1 Basic Geometry
• Title 1 Basic Data Analysis

Title 1 Compliant Assessments

  1. Reading, Writing, & Math—Instructional Support. Evaluates the ability to support reading, writing, and math instruction.
  2. Reading, Writing, & Math—Knowledge & Applications. Evaluates knowledge & skills to solve problems in reading, writing, and math.