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Welcome to Keystone Central School District

We are very happy to welcome you to our website and hope you find a vast source of information here about our outstanding school community.  

Keystone Central is the largest geographic district in the state of Pennsylvania, covering municipalities in parts of Clinton, Centre, and Potter Counties.  Within our 970.8 square miles, we have 3,450 students in eight schools, our KCSD Virtual Academy, and our KCSD Career and Technical Center.  The district is home to a number of state recreational parks offering the outdoor enthusiast hiking trails, freshwater fishing and camping opportunities.  State game lands are available for the hunters.  Cultural activities include concerts, theater, and art festivals at the nearby Millbrook Playhouse.  Lock Haven University is located within the district, and Lycoming College and Penn State University are in close proximity.

Our teachers, administrators, and support staff are working hard to encourage our students to pursue excellence in all that they do; to have ambitious goals for themselves and their future; to look for solutions to problems; and to develop respect for themselves and others in our schools and in our community.

We strive to be a truly inclusive school district offering all our students, whatever their level of ability, a great classroom experience, extra-curricular opportunities and a strong support system.


When we combine individual strengths,

unite toward a common goal

and collaborate to get results,

we all get to share in the success!


Mill Hall PBIS Rewards


Christina Onuskanich, Josten's Teacher of the Year

MILL HALL, PAMay 3, 2023 – Jostens has announced that Central Mountain Middle School Teacher Christina Onuskanich is being recognized as a Jostens Renaissance Educator of the Year.  Christina and other Jostens Renaissance award winners will be honored at the 30th annual Jostens Renaissance Global Conference in Dallas, Texas from July 13-15, 2023. 

The Jostens Renaissance Educator of the Year award honors educators who have demonstrated superior performance and achievement in the operation of their schools’ Jostens Renaissance program.  This year Jostens selected Onuskanich and two others for this highly honorable award.

“Jostens is honored to recognize Christina Onuskanich as a Jostens Renaissance Educator of the Year,” said Mike Wolf, Vice President of Jostens Renaissance Education.   “This award is designed to recognize the passion and dedication of educators who are a driving force in impacting students’ academic performance and character.  Christina has certainly demonstrated that at Central Mountain Middle School and we are honored to celebrate her accomplishments.”

Onuskanich has been a teacher at Central Mountain Middle School for the past seven years. Assistant Principals Laura Fragassi and Ashton Brady credit her enthusiastic implementation of Jostens Renaissance recognition for significant improvements to student achievement and school culture during that time. “Christina's passion and energy for building sustaining relationships with students truly sets her apart and creates the culture and climate within our middle school that we aim to achieve with all of our staff.”

Kyle Everett, one of Onuskanich’s students, writes, “Mrs. 0 is not only a spectacular leader and teacher, but also a teacher that makes every student feel special to her. Every time I have gone to see her to talk, whether to chat and relax or express a new idea to better the school she will always listen and engage in conversation. No matter what the plan is she will always see a way that we could make it work or better it and is always on board. After you get everything worked out, she will always keep you motivated to follow through with your plan. Many times, I have gone down to her room in the morning, and she would be sitting there waiting, ready to chat and make sure you are the best version of you. She truly is like a second mother, always watching out for you, pushing you to your limits and best potential, and is an important role model in your life. When it is time to go to class or leave her room, she will always be there waiting arms open to give you a hug or fist bump. But on the way out she will make sure to let you know how much you are valued and loved by her.”

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